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HSG Kreuzberg I- SG OSF Berlin III “It ain't over ‘till the fat lady sings”

It always seems impossible until it’s done. But it seams that we just love that adrenalin flow, we love to make our games harder then it supposed to be.

We had a clumsy start, with a bit sleepy defense, and not so confident offense. We approached the attack with reserve and great caution, testing the away team’s abilities. We focused more on not making a mistakes, than scoring- or simply playing handball. And the simple handball is always the best one. We stood head to head, until 20th minute and after three consecutive misses, we started falling down.

The second half we started by receiving a goal, but nobody could expect that it would be the only one we’ll receive in next ten minutes. Once more we have proved that we are becoming a Team in most difficult times, and that it all starts from a good defense.
Reisenbuchler build a wall, Kunkel set up the net, Lindner finally woke up and started flying and scoring, followed by confident Almeida on a right back and agile Pinto- easily catching the balls on the line. We looked completely different, and like nothing can stop us.

The score in second half was 26 against 9, in favor of the home team. All togheter 39 against 24. We didn’t had a “fat lady” to sing at the end, but we did had a stands full of fans, clapping with all of their heart, probably wondering why did we make their hart stop for couple of times, in first half.