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BFC Preußen II- HSG Kreuzberg I: "The Team"

When You go to handball match, You expect to see the hanball, and for beloved team You cheer for, to win. But it's not always the case. You don't see "the team", every time. And this game was no exception, at least not for the first half.
If we didn't have Paco, a wild cat on goal as I would call him, we wouldn't have much to look for in second half.
I must point out the great play from home team player, number 25 (Patrick Hanisch), who made a constant trouble for our defence, as well as couple of other players, who help him along the way to the win in first half.
Except Paco's goalkeeping, that kept us alive, nothing was clearly working in first half. His great saves, along side some of the good moves in the offense, was enough to finish the first half with three goals in behind. And then came the half break.
When You're three goals behind, against a team marked as one the top candidates for first place in league, could usually meen that we could expect some arguing, and finger pointing in locker room, but that's not what happened. We used the break properly. We defined our problems, we made new plans, and we got out on the court, prepared to win. In the second half, we became team!
With a really strong defence, smart first wave transitions, and patient build ups in offense, we maded through the end of the game, and fought for win by two goals difference.
We praise our fans, we show them what the teamwork realy means!!!